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Commercial Roof Restoration of Modified Bitumen

Restoration vs Replacement

Most commercial roofs can and should last about 20 years, and when consistently maintained, they can last even longer. When your roof is reaching the point of replacement, you might want to consider a restoration instead. A roof restoration is a less expensive process that can provide even more advantages than replacement. Rely on Beeler Roofing with a commercial roof restoration in Tyler, TX. Call us at 903-347-8484 to learn more.

Why Restore Your Roof? 

If your commercial roof has been maintained over the years, then you may be able to restore your roof rather than completely replace it. What’s the difference? Restoring your roof is a slightly different process than replacement. Rather than completely stripping away the existing material, contractors will repair damaged areas and apply a new coat of restorative roofing. Or they could install a roofing system over your existing roof, like a metal roof

Many property owners choose to restore their roof for a number of reasons, the primary reason being the cost. It is significantly cheaper to restore your roof than it is to replace it. That’s due to the fact that contractors aren’t removing the original material. By eliminating that step, you are saving quite a bit of money, but that can only happen if the existing roof is in good condition. If your current roof is too severely damaged, a restoration will not fix the problem. Completing a restoration on a damaged roof, without repairing the damage, will only prolong the need for a replacement and potentially lead to greater damage. 

If you are considering this for your roof, contact Beeler Roofing. We can take a look at your roofing structure to determine the condition of everything. If we believe that it can handle the process, then we will honestly recommend a restoration. Our contractors will never try to sell you on a process or a material that will not ultimately benefit you in the long run. We understand that your business is an investment, and we want to help protect that in any way we can.

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