Residential Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement Services

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Residential roofing requires regular maintenance and attention. Without either, you run the risk facing serious damages to your roof and roofing structure. If enough of your roof decking is damaged, replacing your roof may be the only option for you. When you have questions about a residential roof replacement in Tyler, TX, contact Beeler Roofing. We are ready to answer any questions you may have. Our company has provided quality roofing services for over 40 years, so we know a thing or two. There is no project too big or too complicated for our team. Give us a call at 903-347-8484 for more information.

Answering Your Questions

There are often a lot of questions floating around when you are considering replacing your residential roof. What is the best material to choose? How much will this cost? Why would anyone replace their roof at all? Deciding to replace your roof can be a big investment which is why we want you to rely on us for all your roofing needs. Beeler Roofing is the residential roofing company you need for your next big roofing project. We have years of experience with installing, repairing and replacing residential roofing. Our contractors can work with you through every step of the process, answering any questions you may have. 

As a roofing company, we work with the best materials from the best manufacturers across the country. In doing so, we are able to back up our guarantee that you’ll have reliable roofing when we are done. Whether we are repairing, replacing, or restoring your roof, you can be sure it will be completed with accuracy and professionalism. The same is true when you need us to replace roofing features like the gutters. Have any other questions for us? Give us a call at 903-347-8484 for more information about residential roof replacement in Tyler, TX.

Why Replace a Roof?

Why Replace a Roof?

Why would you replace your roof? There are a variety of reasons that can lead a homeowner to choose to replace their roof. 

  • Old age: The older a roof is, the less efficient it will be at providing adequate protection and reliability. You want to consider replacing your roof if it is 20 years or older in age.
  • Storm Damage: The number one reason to replace your roof is because of storm damage. Whether hail damage was neglected and resulted in a significant leak or a tree branch fell through your roof, you may need a roof replacement.
  • Cost: There are several instances when just starting over again could be the cheaper option. In comparison to repairs, replacing the structure may be cheaper overall than constant repairs.

Is Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Is Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Whether insurance covers a roof replacement job depends on the reason for the service in the first place. If you are replacing your roof because it is old, insurance will more than likely not pay for the services. You may be able to receive reimbursement or stipend after the fact, but general wear and tear services are rarely covered by insurance. Now if you are replacing your roof because of storm damage, such as hail or wind damage, then insurance may cover the cost of replacement. To learn more about what is covered and what isn’t, make sure to contact your insurance provider for more details. 

While the cost of replacements can get up there, Beeler Roofing offers competitive pricing for our services. Having been in the business for so long, we understand that more expensive services don’t always mean you’re getting the best. Rely on our contractors when you need any kind replacement service, regardless if you are filing an insurance claim or not.

Replacement vs. Restoration

Replacement vs. Restoration

Is there a difference between replacing your roof and restoring it? There actually is! The process to replace and restore your roof are two different services which produce two relatively different results. Replacing a residential roof involves stripping a majority of the material down to the roof decking. The decking is repaired, if there is any damage, and a new material is installed over top. Restoring a residential roof involves a different process. Rather than removing a majority of the roofing, only damaged areas are removed. They are repaired and restored to match the rest of the roof. This process is great for roofs that are still in relatively good condition, but maybe select areas are damaged. A replacement would be for the roofing systems where most of the roof is damaged.

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